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New Ethical Games on PlayTiX


Block Exploder

Plant trees and recycle trash by playing this dynamic, colorful arcade game. Block Exploder is a refreshing 70+ levels game containing multiple bonuses to catch!



Plant trees with this medieval Mario Party style mini-games where you'll need to gather the crowd to be elected mayor and save the city!


Medieval Quests

Medieval quests is engaged with helping child education. Harness the different classes and powers to collect unique items and build a valuable inventory. Sell them on the marketplace to earn some income.


Striving to give meaning and value to the time spent in-game, anytime and for everyone.

Ever felt like you don’t have enough time to do what’s right? Ever felt guilty about taking a break? Just relax, enjoy, and let the games work for you. Discover why they are ethical for you and the world.

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Ethical for Players

Where the value created can be earned by players, forever.


PlayTiX is accessible on mobile, tablet, and computers.

Ethical for the Planet

Spent your rewards on environmental issues you care for.


Your contributions, avatar, items… Tons of personalized features.

Ethical for Studios

A fair system enabling anyone to become an ethical game creator.

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That’s it. Then all games will be available.

Your time, your choice: be what you play.

  • Choose games by categories: rewards for players, the planet or game makers.
  • Filter by contributions: plant trees, recycle, animal care or green promotions for the planet.
  • Your dashboard summarizes your achievements and contributions, forever.
  • Ben has spent a total of 546 hours on PlayTiX.
  • 239 hours on 11 games to help 6 charities
  • 307 hours on games rewarding players which helped him earn over 5 000$.
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